Hotels & Resorts

Sanouva Saigon Hotel

There are many hotels with deals in Ho Chi Minh city, but in the centre of the city, actually the number is very small. Sanouva Saigon Hotel is one of the hotels with the best deals in the centre of Ho Chi Minh city, it can help you have a good Ho Chi Minh tour.
Muong Thanh Grand Quang Tri Hotel

Quang Tri is the place suffering the most damage in the Vietnam war, this is a place for tourist wanting to experience an old battlefield. With the best deals and services in Quang Tri, Muong Thanh Grand Quang Tri Hotel will give you a good time with your tour.
Hotel Port Royal

Hotel Port Royal in Quebec will bring you many deal rooms for your Quebec travel. This is one of the best hotels in the city with the good location and services, it can be your place to stay in Quebec for every day.
Cambridge Suites Hotel

Cambridge Suites Hotel will be your best choice when you come to Toronto for your holidays. This hotel usually give customers some deals throughout the year, and it is considered one of the best hotels in Toronto.
Hotel Whitcomb

There are many nice hotels in San Francisco, but Hotel Whitcomb is the most historic hotels with good services for your travel. With some good deals, this hotel is your ideal choice in San Francisco.

Places to see

Ananda Temple

Ananda Temple is one of the four main temples remaining in Bagan. Ananda temple is considered to be one of the most surviving masterpiece of the Mon architecture
Inle Lake

This vast lake is located in the heart of Shan State which shares borders with Thai & Laos.
Danang cathedral

Da Nang Cathedral (also known as Con Ga Church) was built in 1923 by French priest Louis Vallet with its unique architecture and pink-color erection
Dragon bridge Da Nang

Da Nang is an idyllic city with blend of glorious history and modern capitalism. There are many tourist destinations and ones of them are beautiful bridges.
Perfume River

Perfume River is an iconic attraction in Hue with idyllic scenery, small wooden boats and a beautiful bridge crossing.
Bach Ma national park

Bach Ma National Park is a place you can delve into eco-system and go trekking...

Traditional cuisine

Braised fish

Braised fish is a traditional food in a clay pot – a quintessential bite of Vietnamese food. Its exotic flavor and fragrances will surely...
Fig salad

Inspired by food recipes in royalty, Hue cuisine is renowned for its integrity of flavor and exquisite combination of ingredients. Hue cuisine has been...
Vietnamese chicken rice

Chicken rice is a bowl of everything! Enjoy tender slices of chicken meat and Vietnamese rice brilliantly mixed with sprout beans, black pepper, chili...
Tapioca Dumplings

Enjoy tapioca dumplings Tapioca is a simple yet very delicious snack food of Hue people. Despite the ingredients are ubiquitous, the taste is unique and...
Yam nua

Overview Thai food is dizzying but if you just pass through and want to pick up quintessential piece, you shouldn’t miss out on Yam Nua....
Hue’s Beo cake

The Hue often uses “Banh Beo” – Beo cake as snack cake. It is not expensive but has delicious taste and unique scent. “Banh...