Check out this guide to relocating your life abroad


Thinking of packing up and moving to another country? Check out this guide to relocating your life abroad.

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Preparation is key

This is perhaps the most important thing to remember. Do your research and everything will be fine. Better than fine – living abroad is one of the most rewarding things you can do so what are you waiting for!

Go explore

While it’s important to be smart with your budget, moving abroad is also a great opportunity to experience all the amazing places around your new home. Take a trip every few weeks and take advantage of cheaper flights to nearby countries.

Do it!

Living abroad opens you up to so many new and life-changing experiences. It’s an opportunity to get out of your comfort zone, make new friends and create lasting memories.

Get out there

A lot of your experience while living abroad comes down to the people you meet. So while it might seem daunting at first put yourself out there and make friends with people in the first couple of weeks. Not only will they help ease the transition but they will likely know cool places to hang out.

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Location, location, location

When picking a place to live remember that until you’ve decided to settle, forego luxuries for a place that’s right at the centre of what’s happening in you’re new home.

Upgrade your cooking skills

Another great thing about living abroad is that you’ll be exposed to loads of great new recipes. Take in as much as you can. Who knows – you might discover a new favourite dish and wow your friends back home.

It’s not always easy

First off there’s the language barrier to deal with (unless you’re moving to an English speaking country). Then there’s picking up on all the little things that make that culture unique. They might be frustrating at first but once mastered will have you feeling like a local.

Keep in contact

Leaving friends and family behind is never easy. Sometimes moving to a new place can be an isolating experience, especially once the early excitement wears off. Remember to stay in regular contact with loved ones back home for moral and emotional support.

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It’s nothing like a holiday

Don’t think that living abroad is anything like an extended holiday. A wise person once said that you can’t run away from your problems, eventually they’ll catch up to you. Make sure you’re relocating your life for the right reasons.

Travel with purpose

Be in the moment as often as you can. You’ll see and hear things that tell you more about the people and places you’re visiting than if you’re tuned in.

Make the most of each day

Wake up early and go to bed late. Sleep when you’re back, you’ll regret letting tiredness get in the way of a great opportunity.

Hang out with locals

Make friends in towns and cities around the world. Not only will you broaden your horizons but you’ll also have a couch to crash on next time you visit.

Don’t be afraid to travel solo

Take the opportunity to spend some time in your own company. New experiences are amazing when shared with friends, but you’ll find them equally rewarding in a different way when travelling alone.

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